E-Image PTZ-S3 3-Axis Magic PTZ in SMALL size (payload-8kg, pan/tilt/zoom, including Magic Controller)


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The E-Image Magic PTZ-S3 is an innovative and new 4-axis control system. The E-Image Magic PTZ-S3 has wireless control. It provides trace record, trace loop, time-lapse and stop-motion. It can be controlled by the Magic Wireless Controller with HD touch screen, and mobile devices by downloading the app.

The PTZ-S3 can record complex routes, providing excellent shooting effects. 

The E-Image PTZ-S3 is compact, lightweight and portable to carry. It can support DSLR, EF cameras and compact camcorders. It can be used in a variety of situations, including microfilms, weddings, advertising and more.

Time Lapse
Frame, finish time and exposure time, pre-exposure and after-exposure can all be set separately. Special programming makes the camera shoot with extreme steadiness without shaking.

Set frame and exposure time.

App Control
With the App, you can easily and conveniently adjust every config. parameter.

Trace Record
Create incredible images with AB RECORDS and complicated trace records (max. 5 routes). The system saves traces and re-show the traces according to your request.

Stepless Variable Speed
Digital adjustment for each speed and direction. Max. acceleration speed can be adjusted, provides outstanding ease in and ease out function, and pictures look more natural.

Motion Control
Take videos in virtual studio or environments according to your trace, not only in AB, but also complicated trace.


  • Adopt special motor to ensure the motor precision is 0.0001m
  • Max. speed range: 0.01mm/s-200mm/s
  • Make sure the camera can get perfectly steady shooting effects in any mode
  • 5 direction adjustment achieves difference in camera's centre of gravity
  • High-intensive antenna
  • Max. remote control distance of 20m
  • Wireless shutter with various cable releases can work with most popular cameras in the market


Technical Parameters
  Movement Range Max. Speed Min. Speed
Pan 360° continuous 60°/s 0.01°/s
Tilt 360° continuous 60°/s 0.01°/s
Roll 360° continuous 60°/s 0.01°/s
Focus No-limit 50mm/s 0.05mm/s
Focal Length No-limit 50mm/s 0.05mm/s
Control Mode Wireless Controller or App Control
Positioning Accuracy 0.0025°
Motor Power 8-32W
Voltage Range DC14.8V-24V or Power Adapter
Radio Frequency 2.4GHz/Bluetooth
Communication Distance 20m
Wireless Controller
Radio Frequency 2.4GHz
Operating Voltage 3.7V
Wireless Shutter
Radio Frequency 2.4GHz
Operating Voltage 3V
Battery 2* AA battery (LR6)
Endurance Time 50h
Net Weight 0.04kg
Communication Distance 20m
In the box E-Image Magic PTZ-S3 with Zoom and Magic Controller

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