E-Image EJ100LXK-2 Huntsman Damping System Jib Arm Kit 2 (EJ100LX+GC751 Carbon Fiber Tripod+EI7004) ( Include Jib Arm, Long Plate With Bowl Size, Operation Handle. With Counterweight)


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The E-Image EJ100LXK-2 Huntsman Jib Arm Kit 1 includes:

  • E-Image EJ100LX Jib Arm
  • E-Image GC751 Video Tripod
  • E-Image EI7004 Dolly

E-Image EJ100LX Jib Arm

The E-Image EJ100LX Huntsman Jib Arm is specially designed to meet the demands of today's videographers. The EJ100LX is portable, foldable and easy to carry and set-up when in use.

This E-Image Huntsman Jib Arm is a professional but portable jib solution that has extremely smooth pan & tilt movement.

The EJ100LX Huntsman Jib Arm has a focus range of +25°~-25 and a tilt range of +20°~-20°.

E-Image EI-7004 Dolly

Aluminium Dolly from E-Image

The E-Image Tripod Dolly is designed for use with all E-Image tripod legs that feature dual spiked feet. It supports up to 132 pounds and is ideal for moving tripods along a flat surface for quick re-positioning between shots. It is not recommended for use as a dolly for dolly shots. Instead, it is designed to help you move heavy tripods from one camera position to the next.

This tripod dolly features 4''-diameter, non-marring rubber wheels with individual brakes, and a 37'' working base diameter. Once removed from your tripod legs, it folds for storage or transport.

  • Supports up to 132 pounds of tripod, camera, and accessories
  • The 4'' rubber wheels are non-marring during normal use, protecting the floor surface
  • Each wheel incorporates its own foot-activated brake


  • Newly designed lock
  • Patent locking mechanism
  • 75mm bowl size
  • Fits E-Image Tripods with Dual Spikes
  • 132lb Load Capacity
  • Non-Marring 4'' Rubber Wheels
  • Individual Wheel Brakes
  • 37'' Working Base Diameter
  • Folds for Transport






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