E-Image GH10L Fluid Head (100mm) with max payload 10kgs


  • R 24,452.00


With its 10kg(22lbs) capacity and compact size, the GH10L head is ideal designed for supporting handheld size of DV, DVCAM, HVX and HDV camcorders. It features a sliding balance plate system for attaching the camera to the head. It provides 7 counterbalance settings plus a zero. With three fluid drag grades plus a zero setting on both pan and tilt, you can adjust the fluid head to suit your shooting style or the needs of the shot. The head features a built-in 1/4"-20 accessory socket for available monitor support arms or other accessory items. it has self-illuminated Touch Bubbles for easy levelling in poor light conditions. With a standard 100mm bowl, the heads could be equipped with all 100mm bowl size legs.

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