AJA Hi5-3G (Hi53G) 3G-SDI to HDMI, includes 1-meter HDMI cable

AJA Hi5-3G (Hi53G) 3G-SDI to HDMI, includes 1-meter HDMI cable


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AJA Hi5-3D - HD-SDI/SDI to HDMI 1.4 AV converter. Hi5-3D is a 3D video multiplexer that combines two 3G or HD-SDI inputs into various multiplexed 3D formats for output on HDMI 1.4a and HD-SDI. The HDMI 1.4a output supports EDID transactions that allow automatic 2D/3D configuration per the HDMI monitors capabilities. Input SDI 2 will be frame synchronised to input SDI 1 in 3D modes. Embedded SDI input audio is embedded in bot the HDMI and SDI outputs. 2 channel RCA audio output is also supported with user control of channel selection. The Hi5-3D support AJAs Mini-Config application for user configuration and firmware download.  - External PSU not included.  Order code 'DWP-U'


Hi5-3D works with both 2D and 3D inputs. When in the 2D mode, the input is simply passed to the output unmodified. In the 3D mode, the Hi5-3D supports the minimum required 3D modes as defined by the CEA for HDMI 1.4a televisions.

User Control

The Hi5-3D supports both dipswitch control and host control via the Mini-Config application. One of the dipswitches is a 'Local/Remote' switch. When in the 'Local' mode, the remaining dipswitches support a subset of the user controls. When in the 'Remote' mode, AJA's Mini-Config application controls the unit (or control as last set).


Input Formats 525i, 625i, 720p 50/59.94/60,
1080i 50/59.94/60,
1080psF 23.98/24/25/29.97/30,
YCbCr/RGB/XYZ 10/12-bit
Video Inputs 3G, HD, and SD-SDI (auto-selected),
2x BNC
Video output HDMI v1.3a, 30/36 bits per pixel,
525i, 625i, 720p 50/59.94/60,
1080i 50/59.94/60,
HDMI Standard Type A connector
Audio Outputs HDMI embedded audio,
24 bit,
2 or 8 channels RCA-style analog outputs at -10dBV (nominal),
User assignable channels
Size 5.8 x 3.1 inch x 1 (147mm x 79mm x 25mm)
Power +5 VDC regulated, 5 watts (AJA power supply model DWP or DWP-U recommended)(sold separately)

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