E-Image Mk07 Matte Box

E-Image Mk07 Matte Box


  • R 8,660.00


This matte box features carbon fiber and aluminum construction, makes it lightweight and durable. It can be easily mounts onto 15mm rods via its rod adapter. It includes flags and filter holders for 4*4". It also permits fast lens changes and height adjust.


  • Two 4 x4" filter holders.
  • Swing-away open design, for quick lens changes.
  • The removable top and side flags provide you additional flare control.
  • Removable rubber light holders for standard 8.8cm or 12.8cm lens, which blocking stray light reflections from behind      camera.


Product size 28x20.5x9cm
Material Aluminum + Aluminum
Filter type 10.2x10.2cm
Rotating stage 2 Independent
Degrees of rotation 180'
Total Filter hold 2
Net weight 1180g

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