E-Image ML-900C Monolift- Carbon Fiber

E-Image ML-900C Monolift- Carbon Fiber


  • R 3,411.71


The E-Image ML-900C Monopod is a portable solution for smooth shooting with DSLR, Mini-DV and HDV cameras in limited spaces.

The ML-900C Monopod is ideal for on-the-move shooting and other events. It is smoother and easier to use than hand-held.

This creatively designed monopod incorporates a fluid cartridge in the base for smooth pans, and has three retractable feet for a form footing on uneven ground.


  • Geared centre column
  • Flip locking system
  • Aluminum and carbon fiber are both available
  • A great compactness while folded
  • Easy to carry
  • Detach to transform into a table tripod for low angle shooting


Payload 10kg
Net weight 1.9kg
Height range 81-185cm
Transport length 79cm
Section 3
Material Carbon fiber

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