Sony Protable Memory Recorder


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The recorder sports two adjustable microphones, allowing you to capture stereo recordings in a variety of placements. Three settings include Zoom (for situations including business meetings), XY (for things like band rehearsals), and Wide Stereo (for recording outdoors). You can adjust the sensitivity of the microphones in a variety of different ways, and set the device to record only when it hears noise above a certain level; in such a manner, the recorder can be voice-activated. The ICD-SX2000 can record in WAV or MP3 formats, and can play many different kinds of files—it even sports FLAC playback support. You can play audio through the unit's built-in speaker or over headphones. You can also plug a microphone into its 3.5mm input jack. To eliminate the need for cables, the device sports a retractable USB plug, which you can use to plug directly into computers.



  • Adjustable microphones capture sound in various directions
  • 16GB memory gives you up to 636 hours of recording time
  • Control from your Bluetooth smartphone with the REC remote app
  • Add extra memory with the microSD card slot

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