Saramonic SR-HM7 Dynamic ENG XLR Microphone

Saramonic SR-HM7 Dynamic ENG XLR Microphone


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The Saramonic SR-HM7 is a professional XLR handheld vocal microphone that delivers rich, broadcast-quality sound for on-camera interviews, live presentations, man-on-the-street news, podcasting and more. It features a long, slender handle with a sleek black exterior that has an anti-glare finish that will not reflect on-camera lights, stage lights, or studio lights. The all-metal design reduces handling noise, and the frequency response was carefully engineered to optimize clarity of the human voice.

The durable microphone grill of the HM7 was designed to diffuse wind noise, which helps you get the best sound quality possible when used outdoors. There is plenty of room on the handle to get a comfortable grip while a microphone flag is in use. In addition to interviews, this microphone is a great choice for other production purposes, such as presentations and podcasting. The HM7 is incredibly easy to use, there are no buttons or controls that you need to operate.

The HM7 is a dynamic microphone that doesn’t require power or charging to operate. Its cardioid pickup pattern reduces unwanted sounds to the sides and rear. A standard XLR cable is all you need to use the HM7 with professional video cameras and audio mixers, but it can also easily be used wirelessly with the addition of a Saramonic TX-XLR9, SR-XLR35 or SR-XLR4C plug-on transmitter. This gives you all of the sonic benefits of the HM7 with the freedom of wireless.


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