ATTO 2-Port 20Gb Thunderbolt 2 to 2-Port 8Gb Fibre Channel, LC SFP+ Interface (SFP+ modules)


  • R 24,655.00


The ATTO ThunderLink FC 2082 acts as an external Thunderbolt 2 to Fibre Channel adapter, connecting all-in-one systems and laptops to 8Gb/s Fibre Channel storage devices. With dual channel configurations, the 8Gb/s Fibre Channel DesklinkDevice is an ideal solution for users looking to achieve the highest I/O and data throughput for advanced video and access to IT applications. ThunderLink 8Gb/s Desklink Devices offer driver support for Mac® OS X 10.9 or later and Windows® 7, 8 and 8.1 (Linux® when Thunderbolt-enabled systems become available), providing a single connectivity solution for customers with heterogeneous operating system environments.


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