Our specialists provide customized broadcast solutions for Productions companies, Churches, Broadcast Studios and Education Institutions. We start the process by identifying the needs of the client, from that information our team will  create charts and illustrations that will fulfill the needs on paper. With our wide range of brands we can satisfy an array of clients.

TV Studios Installation and Maintenance

Our  team is based both in Cape Town and Johannesburg, however they travel all around South Africa and Africa. Recently we have managed to implement the transition for most broadcasters to move from Analog to High Definition.

We supply a range of premium, mid-range and entry level brands which add value to clients with budgetary constrains.  The more popular solution we are providing is the streaming services because of the need for most clients to get their footage out in real time.

Post Production Storage Appliances

Due to the technological advancements in the media industry, video cameras are coming in 4K,6K & 8K. This move has increase the quality of resolution embedded in the footage, on the other hand, this has also increase the data requirements.

We have evolved with the industry offering rugged high performance mobile and desktops hard drive ( Lacie & G-Technology) for DITs to offload their footage. Our services include high performance raided network storage which have either be ethernet or fiber connection. The key features of our services is that we offer a complete solution, from complete edit suites, coloring & grading software, network storage with file browsers and asset management software.

DIT Storage

We supplies all the reliable storage devices to assist in the process storing footage and transferring it to Post Production. We supply SD cards ,CFast card and Hard drive to facilitate the back up process.

Complete On Set Consumables

We have an incredibly wide range of film consumables for all your content creation requirements.



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