Our services include installation of the security system and training on the how to access footage. We also use mobile devices to monitor your workspace remotely. Our experts are trained in placement of cameras, and observation of the camera's input on monitors. Furthermore, we supply tools for connectivity, routers and wiring for either fiber or Ethernet. Lastly, the software so safeguard your intellectual property is part and pass of the solution offered by our team of experts.

Security Equipment

Under our umbrella of CCTV brands we have;


Installation Services

At KPG technology we help our clients to get the right  CCTV system solutions to suit their needs,budget and that protect their business and assets. Our engineers handle everything, from helping you select the right equipment, to ensuring wiring is hidden where possible and provide a truly professional service.


Our Company offer regular preventative maintenance of your CCTV Installations to ensure that the CCTV system performs to the same level as pertained at the time of commissioning and hand-over of the system.


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