ICT Services

ICT Services

We provide technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. ... This includes the Internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediums.

    IT Hardware
    It's about giving clients freedom of choice when selecting the most suitable IT products for their business. Our excellent vendor relationships - with both international and local brands - give you the finest options at the most competitive prices.
    • Desktops
    • Mobiles
    • Storage Devices
    • Printers
    • Scanners
    • Servers

    Networking Services which assist our clients in planning and developing their network infrastructure. Certified specialists conduct comprehensive onsite assessments of current environments, consideration is taken on project timing and budget restraints, which ensure proposed solutions are in line with the business requirements.  Solutions include fibre backbone, copper or wireless network.



    We provide Microsoft agreements and processes to offer comprehensive analysis and to ensure customers receive the best pricing by assisting with the negotiation process of a structured licensing agreement according to your requirements.

    By gaining a good understanding of our customer's environment and always being up to date with technology changes and future trends, KPG derives value for customers that ensures they get the maximum benefit out of their Microsoft licensing agreements.

    We also provide Enterprise Cloud hosting service in which client servers reside upon a hardware infrastructure as Virtual Machines. Options include a range of hardware configurations from entry level to high-performance Virtual Machines, preference of operating system, comprehensive virtual machine monitoring, backups and support are available

    We supply firewalls, anti virus and other software that protect organizations due to the security threats on the increase, data security is an essential requirement for all enterprises. Safeguarding various systems effectively is a complex procedure – misconfigured systems, missing patches, outdated anti virus software, unauthorised software and hardware and weak passwords all raise your security risk.

    Managed Services
      You need the AV technology and video collaboration systems in your organization to work efficiently and effectively. To handle the management of those systems, to make sure events and meetings come off as planned, companies like yours and their IT departments are relying on on-site personnel who have the certification and expertise to keep your operations running efficiently and effectively.Sometimes, the technical requirements of mission-critical initiatives fall outside the purview of your team. We fill that gap by staffing those essential roles for you.