Azure_iconAutomated and flexible scaling based on your workload volume, keeping the focus on adding value instead of managing infrastructure

Azure_iconIntegrated programming model based on triggers and bindings that help you respond to events and seamlessly connect to other services

Azure_iconEnd-to-end development experience, from building and debugging to deploying and monitoring with integrated tools and built-in DevOps capabilities

Azure_iconVariety of programming languages and hosting options—always pick the best one for each scenario and quickly adjust to meet business needs

Create reliable serverless applications with built-in security and monitoring

  • Monitor and analyze code performance with Azure Application Insights. Spot bottlenecks and failure hotspots across all components of your application using application maps with distributed tracing from Azure Monitor.
  • Source application settings with full control over access policies and audit history—without making code changes—using Azure Key Vault.
  • Isolate networks through virtual network connectivity on the Functions Premium plan, enabling outbound traffic into a secured virtual network gating incoming traffic and defining app restrictions.
  • Configure managed identities at the service level to let applications easily access other resources protected by Azure Active Directory.
  • Grant access to your application using built-in authentication with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft account, and external providers such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

Choose the hosting plan that fits your business needs

Consumption plan

Scale automatically and only pay for compute resources when your functions are running. On the Consumption plan, instances of the Functions host are dynamically added and removed based on the number of incoming events.

Premium plan

While automatically scaling based on demand, use pre-warmed workers to run applications with no delay after being idle, run on more powerful instances, and connect to VNETs.

Azure App Service plan

Run Functions within an App Service plan at regular App Service plan rates. Good fit for long running operations, as well as when more predictive scaling and costs are required.

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