Our customized Audio Visual infrastructure forms a robust foundation for our Digital signage Music, Media and specialized Atmospherics Solutions

    AV Hardware

    We have a wide range of vendor products that create seamless solutions for your events, conference and any environment that require AV.

    Managed Services

    You need the AV technology and video collaboration systems in your organization to work efficiently and effectively. To handle the management of those systems, to make sure events and meetings come off as planned, companies like yours and their IT departments are relying on on-site personnel who have the certification and expertise to keep your operations running efficiently and effectively.Sometimes, the technical requirements of mission-critical initiatives fall outside the purview of your team. We fill that gap by staffing those essential roles for you.

    Video Conferencing

    The efficiency of having have remote meeting, training and demos is ideal in the modern work environment. We work with the best brands like Creston and many more. Some benefits of Video conferencing are;

    Video Conference meetings can be held on a global basis between multiple sites, saving time and money. Reduced Project Time-lines can assist in meeting project deadlines with regular meetings and no time delays due to participants locations. Training can be done to all remote divisions of an organization via Video Conference allowing for an increase in frequency and reducing travel expenses.

    Huddle Rooms

    We have seen a move from bigger video conferencing to smaller compact huddle rooms because of the clarity of the video and sound. This key feature is attributed to faster decision making and higher productivity. We supply simply plug and play USB3 equipment that is user friendly. We can wire the newtork andand redesign the environment

    The workplace is reflecting this change – even as some spaces are getting smaller, but they’re also opening up in terms of their layout. Companies realize the value of dedicated huddle spaces where small groups can come together as needed to collaborate, even if just for a few minutes.

    Video Walls

    Our clients need information for monitoring people, infrastructure, information or a developing situation. It must be clear, reliable and precise. Video Walls solutions are used extensively in the Broadcast, Security, Telecommunications, and IT.

    Digital Signage

      KPG has added value to client through the provision of the following, Cabling, Switchers, Distribution Amplifiers, Matrix Switchers, Signal Scalers, Audio De-Embedders, Signal Processors, Scan Converters and many more. Lastly, there are commercial monitors ( Samsung, Hisense and PVision) which are built specifically for 24/7 functionality, this is a great adverting tool.


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