JVC VF-HP790G (VFHP790G) Digital studio viewfinder


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 JVC VF-HP790G (VFHP790G ) Digital Studio 8.4 inch LCD Viewfinder. This product is an 8.4-inch color viewfinder for use with the GY-HM850, GY-HM890, GY-HM750/GY-HM790 ProHD cameras. Its feautres include a high resolution large viewfinder with a large 8.4inch XGA LCD Panel (1024 x 768), a safety zone display with two types of Zebra Display and Focus Assist Function, both of which are highly useful in the studio, a screen menu function and a multi scan option.


  • High Resolution. The VF-HP790G is a large viewfinder with an 8.4-inch XGA (1024 x 768) LCD  panel.
  • Multi Scan. Supports YPbPr input of HD (1080i 50/60, 720p 50/60) and  SD (480i 60, 576i 50).
  • SDI INPUT Terminal. In addition to the camera's viewfinder image, SDI image can be input to this viewfinder.
  • Rich Marker. Equipped with Safety Zone display, two types of Zebra display and Focus Assist function, all of which are highly useful in the  studio.
  • Screen Menu Function. You can display the menu on the screen to set or adjust the most appropriate monitor settings for the connecting system. You can make settings to the menus of this viewfinder and the  GY-HM790 series camera (except for some parts).


Size 8.4inch LCD Panel
Compatibility GY-HM850, GY-HM890, GY-HM750 and GY-HM790 Pro HD Cameras
Display 1024 x 768
Supports YPbPr of HD (1080i 50/60) and SD (480i 60, 576i 50)

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